Q. I found that [my son's] Driver's Ed summer course comprised 16 hours of written study. He didn't start the driving hours yet. He is working on the rest of it this semester (written and driving). Should I still include those 16 hours (June and July work) on a Summer Report form?

A. I would record those sixteen hours as part of his Quarter 1 rather than put together a summer report. The easiest way to do this is to list the sixteen hours of summer work in his "Week A" hours tracking box on the gradebook or log he will be maintaining throughout Semester 1.

If the student had accumulated closer to a quarter's number of hours over the summer -- 37.5 hours of Driver's Ed (or any other hours/credits subject such as performing arts, physical education, music practice, language, and so on) -- then you would want to report the activity with a Summer Course Report form. 

Download the Summer Report Form from the Member Support Site.