Q. "The username and password do not work. It gives the error: Warning Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet."

A.  We just tested your username and password on two different computers with success. So, you may want to clear your browser's cookies and close your browser so it forgets all of the incorrect login information. Then, open your browser and go to www.staahomeschool.com/StudentZone. Enter the username and password in slowly, all lowercase, and without spaces. If you are copying and pasting the information and still get an error it is likely that you have accidentally highlighted, copied, and pasted leading or trailing spaces from the e-mail. Try instead to type all the information in slowly and carefully.

Also, if you share a computer with your mother and she has already logged into the Member Support Site and chosen "remember password" then it is best that you use a different browser than she. For example, if she uses FireFox then consider installing and using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Safari as your browser. In general, we encourage all teaching-parents and students to avoid checking the "remember password" option.