>> Click here to request high school transcripts forwarded to colleges or other institutions. >>  

The transcripts are sent within a few business days of receiving the request, as long as the transcript is in good order.

Official high school transcripts cannot be sent out until all incomplete/amendment codes are removed from the transcript.  Please be sure to promptly complete all requests for information or work samples so your high school student's transcript is always ready to be viewed by another institution.  

To make the Transcript Request form easy to find, the link to request transcripts has been peppered around the STAA website.  It is available on this FAQ page, on the landing page for the Member Support Site (no login required), on the Contact Us! page (no login required), and on the right-hand navigation menu of the Member Support Site (login required).  Graduates of St. Thomas Aquinas Academy have access to the "no login required" links.

Official transcripts cost $5.00 per copy.  To upgrade the speed of mail from USPS First Class to Priority Mail entails an additional fee for the postage.  The transcript request form presents all of the mailing options.  To see the current rates without completing a request, you may click through the form to see the options and then close the form before submitting payment information.

Member Families

"Special Paperwork" appointments with your advisor are available if you need assistance preparing paperwork that has been requested by a college or other institution.