What is required for diplomas?

We have outlined the requirements for earning high school diplomas in detail on our STAA Diploma Program page. There you will find answers to the questions asked most frequently about the requirements that apply to age of the student, enrollment, reporting, courses, credits, and testing.


Is your program accredited?

No. We issue report cards, high school credits, transcripts and diplomas as a private, religious, non-parish-affiliated home school program.


Has your lack of accreditation been a problem?

No. Our high school graduates are on college campuses across the country (ver-r-ry successfully, we are proud to add). St. Thomas Aquinas Academy graduates have had no difficulty qualifying for colleges of their choice. Keep in mind, though, that it is not unheard of that some state colleges insist homeschoolers do additional standardized testing prior to being accepted. We encourage you to obtain copies of the entrance requirements for homeschoolers from the colleges your student is considering as early as possible so there will be plenty of time to complete any additional paperwork or testing the college may insist upon.

Students that wish to start high school with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy and transfer later to another school must note that some "brick and mortar" high schools may not accept home school credits without standardized testing or subject testing that meets the new school's specific preferences. It is always important to research the admission policies that apply to home school applicants at the institutions your student may wish to attend before and after graduating from high school.

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