Did you forget to write down your best quiz attempt?  Following are notes for how to find the results on the legacy quiz site (Quia) as well as the STAA Student Zone.  There is a slide show detailing these steps in your High School Orientation course.  To navigate to the slide show: Sign in to the STAA Student Zone with your student username and password, click on "My Courses," and then click on the High School Orientation course to find the course webpage and the slide show section.


Go to https://www.quia.com/studentZone and sign in to view the results of quizzes from the Quia site.  Once logged in, click on the "[HSO-16] ALL 2016-17 QUIA QUIZZES" link in the "Class name" column.


Sign on to the STAA Student Zone (www.staahomeschool.com/studentZone).  Click on "My Courses" and then onto any one of the course links listed so be taken to the student course section of the website. Your name appears in the top right corner.  Click the little drop-down arrow at the end of your name and then click on "Grades" to be taken to a screen with a list of your courses.  From there, you can click on each course title to view quiz results.

The long-term goal is to move all of the quizzes from Quia and onto the STAA Student Zone so everyone uses the same method to access their quizzes.


One efficient way to keep track of your quiz scores is to write down in your study guide the quiz score you earned as soon as you complete the quiz.  Some students write down the score of each quiz attempt on the page of the study guide where the quiz is first mentioned (the Key Assignments area) and then record their highest attempt in the gradebook so their teaching-parent can see the final quiz score, too.  This method is more efficient since it takes away the need for to later navigate to the various grade pages to find completed quiz scores.