Q.  "I was gathering together all the documents and assignments that I need to send in for Semester Reporting and I realized that I don't have any labels for Economics or anywhere to catalog my grades or progress.  We didn't know I would be doing Economics until after we started the second semester, so my Semester 2 Report Form doesn't have it on there. Should I just use the places where we would have marked progress for Introductory Physics since that was what we switched out for Economics?"

A.  Whenever you are missing a work sample label, or simply never received one because the course was added later in the school year, make sure you boldly write your name, grade level, the course title, and the quarter at the top of the work samples so they can be easily matched to your semester report form.

Feel free to write over or white-out the Intro. Physics reporting box on your reporting form and use it for Economics or draw a whole new box on the form -- whichever is easiest for you.