"Do you provide help on how to find home schooling groups for social purpose; faith support; etc. since this is one of the reasons that my husband may be reluctant?"

Ask the parishes in your area if there are any Catholic homeschool support groups nearby.  You may need to ask around a few times as the support groups are not usually formal parish ministries so they may not be listed in the parish office.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy does have a student run book club called the STAA Inklings that meets monthly for a discussion via telephone.  The club is open to enrolled students in Grades 8 through 12.

Additionally, high school students are invited to join in regular telephone seminars to discuss the classical readings in their study cycle.

It is very important to establish connections in your community, though.  So always start with the inquiries at your local parishes and then encourage your teens to participate in STAA's offerings.

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