"Next year I will have 6th, 4th, and 2nd (1st in some subjects) grade students...I need to come up with lesson plans that take into account what we have studied as a family already, as well as some subjects that are higher/lower for a couple of my kids.  I saw your curriculum online and it seems very similar to the approach we have been doing.  I thought it looked more reasonable for my very active boys [than] some of the other Catholic providers.

I was wondering if you do customized lesson plans?   That would save me a lot of headache!" 

Our skills assessment process allows us to personalize the course recommendations for each student in each subject area as well as fold siblings into as many of the same or related studies as possible, especially in regards to the history and science cycle.  That "family-style" placement allows the teaching-parent to teach multiple children at the same kitchen table.  

The course recommendations for each student in the family are always tailored to each student's academic skills and needs.  So, yes, the set of lesson plans issued for each student are personalized in terms of course selections/levels, but, no, we do not create brand-new lesson plans specifically for each individual child.  We have course notes, course pacing, and weekly lesson plans for our courses; we do not write lesson plans for materials that are outside of our program.  

During the assessment and placement process, we do ask what each student has studied recently so they do not have to immediately repeat a historical or science cycle that was just completed (it might come around again in another four years or so at a more mature level).

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