"I was wondering about the cost for reporting/grading.  My students are still young, but I didn't know if this was all part of the same service."

The 2018-19SY rate for the Report Card/Transcript Option is $65.00 per student, per year.

The Report Card/Transcript Option is just that: an option.  Students in Grades K through 6 usually do not need to add the transcript option to their enrollment.  Instead, make sure that you track attendance (if required by your state), keep a list of the books and materials used in the courses (we have an automatically generated form to help with that), participate in assessment testing every year and standardized testing every other year, and look at formal reporting and transcript development as a high school activity.  We encourage our families to correct all student school work and celebrate the ends of quarters, semesters, and school years but keep grading informal until Grades 7 through 12.

High school students that do not wish to pursue a diploma from St. Thomas Aquinas Academy are not required to participate in the transcript process.  Such students are encouraged to keep a list of materials used in their home files as well as annual standardized testing results.  See Home School Legal Defense Association for information about high school diplomas and creating your own transcripts.

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