Yes, you can adjust your school calendar to fit with your family's schedule.

Families that enroll for the 2018-19 school year are enrolled from the time of application until 6/30/2019 so there is quite a bit of flexibility for developing a school calendar that meets your family's unique needs.  We recommend developing a school year calendar with 180 school days, but whether that calendar is a "traditional" calendar, year-round, or alternative is very much your choice.  If your 2018-19 school year will not end before June 30, 2019, you will want to be sure to enroll for the 2019-2020 school year before June 2019 so there is no gap in your access to advisor support and other services offered by St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.

The sample academic calendar we publish each year starts mid-August and ends mid-June.  Instructions and an academic calendar year template are made available to member families so they can create their own school calendar.  The recommended format consists of 180 school days: two school weeks of first-semester preparation, sixteen academic weeks, two school weeks of second-semester preparation, and sixteen academic weeks (36 total school weeks).  

Member Families

The Student Zone courses reset at the end of every July.  Let your advisor know in July if your junior high or high school student needs a course extension because of your family's unique schedule.  Course extensions are free for students with active enrollment and $35.00 per month for students whose enrollment has expired.