The assessment process can take as little as four weeks if the assessments are completed and returned within the week you receive them. The later in the homeschool high season (May to September), the longer it can take. It is best to return your assessments to STAA eight to ten weeks before you want to order books.

You will be invited to schedule the telephone review of the assessment results once your completed assessments are delivered to the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy office.  Your academic advisor will email you your students' Academic Packets prior to that appointment so you have them on hand for the conversation.

Optional Service

Do you urgently need your students' assessment results, course recommendations, and book ordering information? Upgrade to "expedited" planning and your students' academic packets with assessment evaluations and recommendations will be completed and emailed to you within seven days.  The cost for this prioritized handling is $25 + ($45 x the number of students you have enrolled for the 2018-19SY).  Please make sure your 2018-19 enrollment invoice is paid in full before requesting this service.