The appointment scheduling tool used by St. Thomas Aquinas Academy went through a transformation in January 2018.  This step-by-step guide details how to use the fancy new calendar.

1. Navigate to the scheduler.

The online scheduling tool can be launched from the Member Support Site menu or directly from the webpage  The scheduler will launch a new browser tab with a URL that begins with 

2. Choose the telephone appointment or service.

The types of appointments available are grouped by school year and then service type.  Click on the appointment or service that you need.  In this example we are clicking on the "Advisor Support" appointment for member families with students enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year.   The calendar displays after you click on the appointment type you need.  If you accidentally click on the wrong appointment type, you can use the pencil icon to go back to the previous list of appointments.

3.  Choose day and time.

The scheduler automatically detects your time zone and displays the next available slots for the appointment type selected.  If your computer's time is set incorrectly or you are traveling across time zones, then you can use the YOUR TIME ZONE dropdown to change the zone displayed.

The calendar has appointments for up to 55 days in the future.  Use the MORE TIMES > button to scroll to a day that works for you and then click on the time you would like to book.

4. Redeem Package

Starting in January 2018, member families are welcome to schedule as many appointments or services as desired.  The per session cost for each appointment is posted on the appointment type list.  Several appointments are included with your students' active enrollment packages already, though, so be sure to click on the Redeem Package button after the Your Information section to draw on the appointments that are already part of your enrollment services.

5. Enter your email address or code.

Your active enrollment package is tied to the email address on file with the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy office.  Enter that email address in the box and click Apply.  

You can enter the package code if you remember it, but your email address is probably easier to remember and type than the random numbers and letters.  If you are scheduling a service that is not part of your enrollment package then you will want to use the promotional code given to you by your advisor to obtain the special perk or pricing associated with the promotion.

6. Complete Appointment

This screenshot shows an example of what displays when the member's email address is applied in the previous step.  This example member has an active enrollment package for the 2017-2018 school year and an active Report Card/Transcript Option package so the appointment system is drawing on those active services.  In this situation, no payment is necessary to book the desired appointment so the button at the bottom reads "Complete Appointment >>."  

If there is a payment necessary for the appointment then a "Pay Now >>" button will display and the member would be directed to a secure form to enter his or her credit card information.

Caution! This system change means that teaching-parents need to book appointments for their students.  We do not recommend sending students to the website to schedule their own appointments.

7. Confirmation

This is the final step!  This screen confirms that the appointment has been booked, shows you the services left on your enrollment package, and allows you to export a reminder to your calendar.  Notice, too, that there are Cancel and Reschedule links.  You can make any necessary changes at this time or you can use the Cancel or Reschedule link in the email the system immediately sends to you.  The Cancel or Reschedule link will also be sent to you again the day before the appointment in a reminder email.

You may cancel or reschedule up until four hours before the appointment time.  Cancelling or rescheduling before that four-hour window will not deduct any additional appointments from your active enrollment package.  

8. Appointment Policies

All appointments must be scheduled within the bounds of the school year your student is registered for (academic years end on June 30th).  There are no refunds for unused appointments whether they are part of an enrollment package, promotion, or purchased separately.  

There are no refunds for "no-show" appointments.  Please email or leave a voicemail for your advisor if you experience a severe emergency that prevents you from being available by telephone for the scheduled appointment.  Unfortunately, "I forgot about the appointment" is still considered a "no-show" appointment.  There are multiple, automatic email reminders for appointments to help keep the appointment day and time fresh in mind.  You are not charged for a new appointment when you use the links in your email confirmation to reschedule an appointment.  The reschedule links remain active for up to four hours before the appointment.

In the event that an emergency results in the advisor needing to reschedule the appointment, you will be appropriately credited and new appointment arrangements will be made with you.

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You survived this tutorial!

However, if software updates like this make you a little nervous, please just send us an email mentioning the type of appointment you would like to schedule and a staff member will arrange the first available appointment for you.  You will still have access to the Cancel or Reschedule link in the appointment confirmation email to move the appointment around as needed.

Please remember that we want to talk to you!  You may use all of the services available on your students' enrollment package and purchase as many additional services as desired.  We especially welcome your feedback on the new system and services so we can better serve you and all the families enrolled with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.  Let us know what you think and we hope to see you on the appointment calendar soon!