Yes, course plans, book ordering worksheets, and more are included in each student's Academic Packet.

The St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Academic Packets

From your returned completed assessments, your advisor sketches out remarks about each child’s academic strengths and weaknesses and basic learning styles and makes recommendations for starting points in subject areas.  These remarks and recommendations are included in your student's Academic Packet, which is emailed to you as soon as your advisor puts the finishing touches to it.  The Academic Packet suggests which courses and books to use, why to use them, how to use them, and how often and how long to use them.  During the annual Course of Study Planning appointment, your advisor will review each of your student's assessment results with you, and then work with you to personalize recommendations to your family, then to each of your students. The advisor will assist you in:

  • moving skill levels up or down per subject;
  • organizing the whole family into the same or complementary science, history and religion cycles;
  • combining students into the same or compatible texts as much as is possible;
  • finding central focuses for each of the students in each of the subjects according to their academic needs and styles; and
  • identifying alternative choices and their suitability for your homeschooling in this year.

Plans Tailored to the Student

Your academic advisor will put together a personalized Academic Packet for each of your enrolled students.  Every packet is unique, with a personalized set of courses selected for each student.  The course selections are made from among St. Thomas Aquinas Academy's course catalog, which are listed in the Grammar School and High School sections of our website.  The selections respond to the student's academic strengths and weaknesses, each subject being drawn from the skill level or STAA cycle that is appropriate for that child.  The courses are not selected solely on age or grade level.

Academic Packets include the skills assessment evaluation, overview of courses, book ordering information, course notes, course pacing, any needed weekly lesson plans for grammar school students, any needed weekly lesson plan outlines to complement the daily plans found in the STAA Study Guides, and a Course Registration form. 

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