[My sophomore] and I were talking about Fine Arts Options. Can you give me an idea of classes that would fill that roll? We’ll do Greek Playrights this coming semester, but I think he would like to know what other options he would have to fill this slot.

The graduation requirements for Fine Arts and a list of courses can be found on page 65 of the High School Orientation booklet.  

The entire diploma program is described in detail on the main site: go to www.staahomeschool.com > Click on High School > Click on STAA Diploma Program.

To read the course overviews and booklists, see the FINE ARTS folder of the Resource Library for Teaching Parents | High School.

Let us know what the brainstorming session with your son generates.  Which courses from the catalog look appealing?  What community-based activities that fall under the Fine Arts umbrella is he interested in?

I remember a conversation we had a while back about community activities that would fill the class requirement.  Music lessons and is it correct that art lessons would fill that as well?  I don’t see Art Lessons listed, but I have a vague memory of discussing this with you.  If they do in fact fill the requirement, are there any stipulations for an Art Class to fill the requirement?

Formal art lessons will work.  Just the regular stipulations for Non-STAA Courses apply: it needs to be formal and rigorous enough to be considered appropriate for high school, it earns credit according to time tracked in course activities (75 hours = one semester), and it needs to have an instructor that gives lessons or an adult that supervises working through instructional materials and grades assignments.  A good benchmark for what qualifies here is the book Artistic Pursuits from the Art & Music (AR2-B) course.  The lessons or coursework in all art courses need to be just as challenging or more challenging than Artistic Pursuits.