I went to try and log in to sign up for an advisor time, and it said my email needed to match and it was my email address. Please check it out and let me know how to proceed.

1) We can set the appointment up for you from this end.  Which kind of appointment were you trying to schedule: Course of Study, advisor support, high school advisor support, semester review, or other?  What day and time do you prefer?  We will select the time closest to that and you can use the reschedule link in the confirmation email to move the appointment as needed.

2)  Your appointments are tied to the email address we have on file.  You can use the address or the alphanumeric code that was issued when you enrolled.

3)  Let me submit a tech support request to the software company.  Please reply with the following:

  • Approximately when did the error take place? 
  • Go to https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and copy and paste the link into your reply email.
  • Were you trying to schedule an appointment from the 2017-18 or the 2018-19 schedule?
  • Did the email address in the first email field and the "Redeem package" field match? 


To take the guesswork out of juggling emails and codes, use the "View Appointment Details" link in your next confirmation email to register with the scheduling software for an account. This means that you will create a password for the email address on file and use the "Returning? Log in" link in the top right of the scheduler so the system pulls up your codes for you while you are scheduling. 


Without logging in, the system has to carefully match the email address on file with the one typed into the "Redeem package" code.  We don't believe that it is case-sensitive, but we do know the "Redeem package" field is sensitive about leading and trailing spaces.

Also, if you want to have the confirmation email sent to bob@gmail.com but the email address STAA has on file for your account is susie@hotmail.com, you may experience an error.  To have the confirmation email sent to an address other than the email address STAA has on file, the alphanumeric code for your enrollment services needs to be entered into the "Redeem package" field.


Safety.  St. Thomas Aquinas Academy does not create scheduling software accounts for member families because:

  1. There are financial transactions tied to your scheduling software account, especially if you paid your enrollment with a monthly installment plan or signed up for some other recurring service.  STAA does not store or have access to any of your credit card information so that the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure is managed by the companies that have a team of specialists watching out for your security -- Stripe.com and PayPal.com.

  2. STAA creates two accounts on your behalf when you enroll: one account on the email portal and one account on the STAA Member Support Site/Student Zone.  The username and password used with these two accounts are printed in your welcome letter and emailed to you often.  Obviously, emailing usernames and passwords is not secure, which is why STAA only stores your name, the password we create, the username we create, your email address, your state, and your telephone number in our email portal and member family website.  Should a breach occur, that is all the information that would be available to the hackers.  A breach has not occurred, but we don't want to take risks with your sensitive information.


As a member family, you probably use or will use the appointment scheduler frequently throughout the school year -- it is worth registering for an account with the scheduling software.  We recommend these steps after you schedule your next appointment:

  1. create a strong password that you plan to use with the scheduling software (here's a password generator tool to help)
  2. write the password down in your password keeper or right next to where you store your STAA password
  3. follow the "View Appointment Details" link in the confirmation email
  4. click the "Register for an Account" button
  5. use your fancy new password
  6. the next time you go to schedule an appointment, click use the "Returning? Log in" link in the top right of the scheduler and enter your email address and fancy new password.  The system will pull up your enrollment package codes and show you which appointments you may schedule as part of your enrollment services.


You can see that several services are tied to the email address you have on file with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.  Please report any permanent changes of email address to your advisor so we can update your files and accounts.  The systems see each email address as a unique person, so we will have to make a serious of changes to connect your services to your new address.


We are watching from a message from you to help with scheduling and finding other resources.  Please message us directly with a description of what you are trying to schedule so we can perform the steps mentioned in the first point of this FAQ page.  While our website and scheduler can be used on smartphones, it is not easy to navigate such resources that are intended for desktop or laptop viewing.  If you are on the go, send us a quick email that simply states what time of appointment and about your preferred day and time of day in your time (we have your time zone on file in the office and will convert the time accordingly).

Let us know how we can help!

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