"Is there any chance we can send in [my son's] assessment [a few weeks after the due date printed on his test]? We will just be wrapping up his current math curriculum at that point. We can send [my daughter's] in by [the due date], no issues. Your thoughts?"

It is best to keep the assessments for both students together so your academic advisor can plan for each student as well as the family.  We do not mind adding a note to your account indicating that the assessments will be returned after the due date.  If anything changes, send a quick note so we know what is going on on your end.

F.Y.I.: The assessment due date is thirty days from the date of enrollment.  It is a good idea to return the assessments by that date as it allows your advisor to promptly complete your students' evaluations and Academic Packet.  However, the due date is a "soft" due date.  There are no penalties for returning the assessments after the due date.  Please just be aware that assessments returned after the due dates may be subject to longer evaluation times if they are returned during a time period when many other families are returning their assessments as well.