STAA High School Diploma Requirement 

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy requires that students take a standardized test in 11th grade and at least one more in grades 9, 10, or 12.  

The student must demonstrate reasonable scholastic achievement on his or her standardized tests.  If any of the student’s scores fall below the national 50th percentile the testing requirement cannot be marked as satisfied.  Students with an overall score or any of the major subscores (Math, English, Science, Writing, and the like) that fall below the national 50th percentile may retest as many times as needed or utilize another standardized test until the scores on at least two high school tests meet or exceed the national 50th percentile.  

The national percentile mark to meet or exceed may be adjusted for students with documented learning disabilities.


Tests that may be used to complete the high school testing diploma requirement:

  • CAT Test

  • IOWA Test

  • Terranova Test

  • Stanford Test

  • GED

  • PSAT

  • Your state's high school diploma equivalency exam

  • ACT

  • SAT


Taking the ACT or the SAT is extremely important for college-bound homeschool students.  Check with the admissions offices at the colleges your student is considering to find out which test they prefer their applicants take.

Annual testing is required in some school districts.  Please contact your advisor if your school district requires a certain standardized test that is not on the list above to determine if the required test can be used to satisfy the diploma requirement.  To learn more about the testing requirements your state may have, visit the Home School Legal Defense Association's website.

MEMBER FAMILIES: More information about standardized testing is available in the STAA HANDBOOK. »