SCIENCE LITERACY I and II • 2018-19 Edition

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Paperback, 234 Pages 

Included in this booklet: 

Science Literacy I (SL1-B) 
Science Literacy II (SL2-B) 

18-week course plans for the courses listed above. 
Notes about the required texts and materials.
Gradebooks to track student progress and grades. 

Books and materials studied in these course plans can be purchased from the suppliers suggested by St. Thomas Aquinas Academy (see the notes in this book) or from your favorite suppliers. 

Forms mentioned in this guide and in the "High School Orientation" booklet can be printed from the STAA Student Zone: 

View the entire study guide online on the Resource Library for Teaching-Parents in the STAA HANDBOOK.


Study guides include reading plans, assignments, reflection topics, and gradebooks. Access to graded, online quizzes and other online student supports is available to students enrolled in St. Thomas Aquinas Academy. 

This is a consumable workbook. We recommend that each student is given a copy for marking, flagging, and writing.

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Student access to the online quizzes and course webpage begins on August 1st.  Student usernames and passwords will be emailed out on August 1st.  The course webpage and quizzes will be available from August 1st through July 31st.