All of our course plans include introductory teaching notes, book and material ordering information, class period scheduling tips, and weekly or daily lesson plans if such plans are not already present in the textbook's teacher resources.  Click here to visit the page that discusses the Academic Packet prepared for each student.

We recommend a books and materials budget of $350.00 per grammar school student, per school year.  The teacher's manuals include lists of necessary items for hands-on projects.  We always recommend that such project lists are used as a menu: engage in as many is comfortable for you and your students.  There is never an obligation to complete every project in every section.

Teaching-parent prep work for each school week consists of ten to thirty minutes at the beginning of each school week to consult the Academic Packet, make sure all of the materials for the week are organized and ready to grab up for each class period, and consider which optional, special projects will be added to the week's activity list.  Reading the teacher notes for new lessons before sitting down to work through the lesson material with the student is encouraged.